Power Peel Home Treatment- Age Management

Power Peel Home Treatment- Age Management

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This powerful bundle of mini's will give you approximately five intensive peel treatments that are easy and safe to perform on yourself at home.

Full instructions come with the kit.


  • Clarify Peel 5ml: Utilising a powerful synergy of acids to refine, smooth and renew your skin in a short application time. Pyruvic, mandelic, malic and salicylic acids blended with anti-inflammatory ingredients.
  • Energise+ Serum 5ml: A multivitamin serum containing 1% vitamin A and concentration of vitamin B, C, E, and hyaluronic acid. Helping to recalibrate your skins function back to healthy.
  • Fortify Milk 5ml: Immediately calm and restore your skins barrier function after your peel. Loaded with skin-loving fractionated oils, peptides and hyaluronic acid in a light emulsion to ensure your skin isn't weighed down. 
  • Your Boheme Cleansing Mittens

* Complete your kit with your chosen Resilience Cleansers.